A Newsletter of Scientific and Civic Literacy. November 2009


An English friend sent me an interesting clip from his UK newspaper (The Telegraph) that claimed .American pensioners are mentally 10 years younger than their English counterparts due to better education and quality of life . the gap was so wide that a 75-year old American had a similar brain to a 85-year old Englishman, tests showed.. www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/5625605/US-pensioners-mentally-10-years-younger-than-those-in-England.html

Maybe that news has relevance to my next item.

As many of you know I have been trying to sell Hawkhill for more than two years. In that time I have had a few offers but none that seemed good enough to take the big step. Now I am glad--in some ways at least--that I have not been able to close the sale. I would miss it. I really like writing and producing educational programs. Some friends and some customers have said that my newest program, RESOURCES, POPULATIONS AND CLIMATE CHANGE is one of my best. You can read the final script on our web site: www.hawkhill.com. There is also a video clip on our Hawkhill website as well as on YouTube (search for "Bill Stonebarger"). You can get a review copy of the finished DVD by phoning, faxing, mailing or ordering on the web.

How much longer I can keep it going is not up to me to predict. After I finish a program there is always a few weeks of let-down until I come up with an idea for another. This time it took a few weeks more but I think I do have such an idea now -- The Cold War.

As part of my preparation I am reading two excellent books, THE COLD WAR by the historian John Lewis Gaddis and A FAILED EMPIRE: THE SOVIET UNION FROM STALIN TO GORBACHEV by the Russian historian, Vladislov M. Zubok. Gaddis got my attention in his introduction when he pointed out that his students at Yale not only knew little if anything about the cold war, they were equally ignorant of 20th century leaders like Roosevelt, Stalin, Mao, Reagan, Gorbachev, Kennedy. Even of George H.W. Bush!

And social studies teachers know that key events of the 20th century like the Great Depression, the First and Second World Wars, the Marshall Plan, the Cuban Missile crises, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the end of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union are ancient history to students in high school and college today. Some basic knowledge of all of these events and more seems to be to be essential for future voting citizens of the 21st century. As someone who has lived through them all (well, not World War I) I can't take credit for helping to solve the many problems that came with these years but I can speak and write knowledgably about them. So please stay alert for my new program on the longest, most unpredictable and most significant war of the 20th century, THE COLD WAR. It should be ready sometime in 2010.


It will come as no surprise to readers and teachers that video-tape use and sales are fast declining. DVDs have cut so deeply into our own VHS video-tape sales that we have been caught with a bloated inventory. To help reduce that inventory (and give schools a much-needed bargain) we are offering any and all of our programs on VHS video-tape at fire-sale liquidation discounts.

Specifically, you can have any or all of our VHS video programs for flat prices of $8.90 or $12.90 each! This is a full 90 percent discount from regular school prices!!!

Most schools still have VCRs, and all of our VHS tapes are new, recent copyrights, closed captioned and have the same quality and content as the DVDs. Some technicians claim tapes will last longer than DVDs. I can't vouch for that but I do invite you to choose and enjoy.

For a list of all our Hawkhill VHS tapes with prices and quantities available now see the VIDEO columns in our Online Catalog.

Order on our web site www.hawkhill.com or by phone (608) 251-3934 or FAX 608-251-3924.

Bill Stonebarger, Editor and Owner/Producer

Hawkhill Associates, Inc. Madison, WI 53703