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Ecosystem Cycles:

Three videos, Ecosystems on Earth, Food Chains in the Biosphere,
and Chemical Cycles in the Biosphere, on one DVD.

Ecosystems on Earth

What is the state of the world's ecosystems as the 21st century begins? A primer on ecosystem problems and opportunities with the stress on new efforts to save endangered species, new efforts to avert global warming and new efforts to preserve and restore to health all ecosystems, including agricultural and urban ones.

Food Chains in the Biosphere

Students will learn how producers, consumers, decomposers and the abiotic elements are connected in ecosystems and how ecosystems make up a biosphere. Program features new computer graphics and live-action video illustrating important concepts in modern ecology.

  • Download a short clip of Food Chains in the Biosphere (approx. 1.9 MB download, Quicktime Version 3.0 or higher required)

    Chemical Cycles in the Biosphere

    Video footage from around the world and updated informative computer graphics show how chemicals cycle within the biosphere. Emphasized are the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the water cycle, acid rain and how toxic chemicals can affect the biosphere.

  • Download a short clip of Chemical Cycles in the Biosphere. (approx. 5.5 MB download, Quicktime Version 3.0 or higher required)

    On Ecosystems Cycles DVD you can have easy access
    to keys to scientific literacy that include:

    Chemicals in the biosphere, oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle, photosynthesis, respiration, nitrogen cycle, organic fertilizers, water cycle, chemicals of life, what is the biosphere?, life cycles in biosphere, producers, food pyramids, food chains, food webs, decomposers, energy flow, agricultural and urban ecosystems, homeostasis, chemical pollution, chemical progress, global warming, greenhouse effect,

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